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The Medium of Branden Bay

Released 27 July 2021

Becky James discovers she has inherited more than her Grandma's House and a fluffy ginger cat - she's been given the so-say a gift for seeing the dead. However, there is one major problem - Becky is terrified of ghosts. The only way to rid herself of the shadows that lurk in her house is to solve a years-old mystery...will she be brave enough to follow it through?



The Body in Branden Bay

Released: 24 August 2021

Becky is haunted by a man named Russell who has been found washed up on the beach. The police say it was suicide but his widow is convinced it was murder. Becky finds herself in hot water and in the line of suspicion when she goes undercover in an attempt to solve the mystery.



The Haunting of Branden Bay

Released: 21 September 2021

Becky is called to the pier to check out a poltergeist. To her relief, she finds nothing there however after her visit someone is found dead following a blow to the head. Even worse their ghost is haunting her. Can Becky find the killer before they murder again?


Ghost Final x3D.png
The Ghost in Branden Bay

Becky has no choice but to tap into her paranormal powers yet again, when the ghost of a man hated around town, haunts her bathtub. 

Release date: May 2022

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