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Moving the family

Deciding to move house as I am putting together a series of books probably wasn’t great timing but hubby found his dream home so we all had to up sticks and move - including the three cats. All of our cats chose us - rather than us choosing them.

Firstly, there was Doodles. She was a well known stray in our old street - well known for biting, she’d been coming in our gardens since she was a kitten. Then she got pregnant. I took her in and called Cats Protection and asked them to come and pick her up. They asked me to keep her in our house until they found someone to take her. Unfortunately she had the kittens before they called back, by which time my daughter had fallen in love with one of the kitten she named Lucky, so Doodles and Lucky stayed and a friend of ours took another kitten. Then came along a very scabby and tatty cat, who we referred to as Scrappy. We found it difficult to keep her out of our house, so we bought a chip recognition cat flap to keep her away and hopefully encourage her to go back home (she wore a collar). One day I heard an almighty cat scream and thought there must be a fight going on to find poor scrappy with her tail locked in the cat flap.

I took her to the vets to see if she was chipped and she wasn't. They said that there was nothing they could do - I had to put her back where I found her. I replied ‘I found her in my kitchen’….so we ended up with three cats. Three cats that e now have to move and are not litter trained. that is going o be fun - keeping them locked in doors for the recommended two weeks!

Wish me luck.

The above is a picture of Lucky who was born in our house. She is a tabby - I have given her a makeover to represent Constance the cat in my upcoming series.

If anyone has any advice on cats when moving….do let me know.

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