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I’d like to thank my creative writing tutor Rosemary Dun, both inside the OU and out! You encouraged me to pursue novel writing and gave me so much information and guidance, I’m still reading the handouts! You are amazing. Thanks also goes to my brilliant mentors Alison Knight and Jenny Kane of Imagine Creative Writing and their Novel in a Year course, which gave me lots of help and kept me on track. And Alison is also my editor - thanks for all you do xx


Thanks to my cover artist Daniela who is amazing - I spend a lot of time gazing at her website.


Thanks to the inspirational friends I met through the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and the Bristol writing community (I’m too scared to list everyone in case I miss someone off!) And to my Beta readers Cinnomen Matthews McGuigan and Michelle Armitage. Thanks to Helen Blenkinsop who is a guru on the ‘hook’ and amazon ads. And thanks to my best writing friends – Callie Hill, Claire O’Conner and Jenny Treasure, for also being beta readers of this and my wider writing (and Shell Rice Mortimer) and for their love and support and for sharing the journey with me, especially Callie who is always there to listen. 

Thank you to my advance reader team who are really supportive and there for me, even from the first book. And for the lovely emails I get from those on my mailing list. And especially Carol Kurimbokus who picks up those last pesky typos. I really appreciate it. 


Thanks to Tracey Hadfield who always has a ghost hunting story to scare me with.

Thanks to my sassy cats, even though they boss me about on a daily basis.

Thanks to my family for supporting me and reading my books, even though I tell them not to, as it’s not their ‘genre’. 

And finally, thanks to Gary for putting up with me tapping away at the keyboard 24/7.

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